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A new event in support of the Woking Young Musicians Trust will take place on 10th November 2018 in the HG Wells Suite. It is called a "Musicathon" and gives young musicians an opportunity to entertain without the pressure of a formal concert.

Details here.


Hollie Tibbotts, our 2018 awardee has written the message below:

Statement from Hollie Tibbotts 2018 Award Winner

The Woking Young Musicians Trust Award asks applicants to think carefully what they would put the Grant towards. My flute teacher at the time, Steve Goodwin, had recommended that I apply for this award as two other talented students from Woking High School had won it in the past.

At the time I was a Year 11 student at WHS and had been borrowing a basic student piccolo for playing in the school's Windband for 3 years: it had served me well. However, I knew that I had to return the piccolo as I was going to Farnborough Sixth Form College in September as a Music Scholar and felt that I needed a more advanced piccolo to be able to play more challenging repertoire.

For the audition, I had to play two contrasting pieces and be interviewed by several Trustees. A couple of weeks later, I was delighted to find out that the Trustees had granted me the full Grant towards my new choice of piccolo.

By winning this Award, it has enabled me to attend Oxford Flute Summer School this August, where I played my new piccolo improving my technique and sound quality.

I will be also be playing it at SCYWO (Surrey County Youth Wind Orchestra) where I have been a part of for nearly three years.

As well as this, I have been asked to take part in an Orchestra Day with Cranleigh School (Marcus Pashley is the conductor) who have given me pieces to play for the piccolo.

The piccolo itself has a much clearer sound as it is made of wood and I can reach the higher registers with ease, and I love playing it!

I thoroughly recommend any other young musicians to apply for the Award as I have benefitted so much already from this Grant!

Good luck!